Useful thread on AS3 dynamic class instantiation

Here’s a useful thread on AS3 dynamic class instantiation. It’s particularly useful in the way the discussion and code snippets/solutions evolve over the thread. Simple stuff but very useful.


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  1. subhash on

    pls help out of this

    I have one Movie Clip name it as a mc
    in the first frame i had write this action script

    so i am just changing the image externally bu using parameters so that i can change the images by sending new parameters

    Now the Problem is if i upload a big images in that one it show up a big image i dont wanna like this i wanna show it in 150 x150 px can u pls tell me aboout how to fix this one the whole images in a 150 x150 px

  2. sambrick on


    Hello, I am not sure if I understand your comment. Is it related to the blog post you are commenting on or is it about dynamically loading and resizing images in AS2? Either way, here is a different blogpost that seems to deal with your problem in both AS2 and AS3. Hope it helps:-

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