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3 Interesting Reads: Namespaces, Flash and a letter to Steve…

Grant Skinner sums up Namespaces once and for all:-

John Nack on Adobe – Sympathy for the Devil:-

And finally an excellent Open Letter from UnitZeroOne to Steve Jobs:-


Showing hidden SVN files in OS X

Basic stuff here but a useful reference for me and maybe others nonetheless. This Terminal command will make the .svn hidden folders and files visible and hopefully as a consequence reduce any cross-project file conflicts arising from careless copy/pasting.

Enter this command in Terminal:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

After running the command, you need to restart Finder. Do this by running the following command:

killall Finder

To undo this, repeat the above commands and switch the YES to a NO.

What Happens When You Unplug from Your Internet Addiction?

I just read a fascinating article whose link was posted by a twitter friend Dan_HDistinct. It’s called “Lab Rat: What Happens When You Unplug from Your Internet Addiction?” and it was written by Brittany Ancell on the 99% blog. It made me think that there is a lot to be gained with some downtime from constantly being online. I am always leaving my computer on and checking emails, working and browsing and I think I might try to be more focused about my time (when/if my work schedule calms down!). Have a read here.

Flash player 10.1 to support multi-touch

New multi-touch and gesture APIs to be included in Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0. Read more here:-

A Collection of Open Source Fonts

I just saw this lovely link to a bunch of open-source fonts at the League of Moveable Type on Bedrich’s blog.