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Flash Games Workshop at the Pervasive Media Studio

Pervasive Media Studio logoI spent yesterday at the Flash Games Workshop at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol. The day was graciously organised by @dancourse, one of the directors of Thought Den, a local digital design and build agency based in Bristol. Myself, @seventy9 and @dancourse spent the day trying to hammer out an AS3 game. I had the bright idea of leveraging the freely available Box2D physics-based framework to make a gravity-based planetary spaceman rescue game. It soon turned out that Box2D is an incredibly powerful framework with a very steep learning curve – the kind of learning curve that might take more than an hour or two to get rolling with! So, much of the day was spent painfully trying to make the simplest of things work within an unfamiliar code base.

I find it’s difficult times like these where real breakthroughs can happen in learning to code…. and so on paper it may not look like much was achieved, a lot went on in the old brain department. I had a great time hanging out with and working with my two other coding pals for the day and I left feeling inspired to do more and finish the game we had started. In fact @seventy9 worked on it more that night and so things have progressed even further already. I will post another blog if/when we get our little game into a viewable state.


Bird Species Attempts Direct Symbolic Communication with Mankind

In breathtaking displays of highly advanced levels of symbolic communication, starlings have been recorded attempting to communicate with mankind. What the messages mean exactly remains unclear but experts believe the birds are expressing some kind of discontent. Twitchers now lay in wait for the next symbol to be communicated by the birds.

A flock of starlings

The Starlings Communicate