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Some recent photos….

Instead of the usual tech/flash ramblings, here are a few photos I took recently:-

Workers at a pyramid in Giza.

Sunset through the Glade, Glastonbury 2010.

Dorset barn dance.

Sunset at said barn dance.


Compile Time Error – The definition is in circular inheritance

I just thought I would post this compile time error solution in the hope it saves others some time. It was basically stupidity on my part but it took me 5 minutes to see what I had done. Googling the error also brought up a number of irrelevant issues….

Basically at compile time I was getting this error – The definition is in circular inheritance – I had a library symbol linked to a class This class was a subclass of the superclass My mistake was that I hadn’t noticed that the library symbol main class in the object properties had been autonamed to Toolbar and this is what was throwing the error and causing the problems. Solution – rename the class in the library properties. Simple.