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IE7 and IE8’s indexOf() Array Bug

If you try to use indexOf() to check the existence of an Array member in <IE9 the script will fail. This is because the Array class in <IE9 does not have the function indexOf() built into it. This is not amazing.

To render this problem obsolete you could use the jQuery inArray() method, although then you are dependent on jQuery being in existence –

Or, alternatively you could just add indexOf onto the Array prototype if it doesn’t exist using something like this:-

// <IE9 indexOf() fix
if (!Array.indexOf) {
  Array.prototype.indexOf = function (obj, start) {
    for (var i = (start || 0); i < this.length; i++) {
      if (this[i] == obj) {
        return i;
   return -1;


Bristol Bridal Boutique


I’m very excited to announce my wife’s new business – Bristol Bridal Boutique. The website has just gone live:-

Bristol Bridal Boutique stocks sample and second-hand designer wedding dresses by exceptional designers such as Jenny Packham, Suzanne Neville, Lusan Mandongus, Stephanie Allin, Sassi Holford and more.  All the gowns are samples sourced from bridal boutiques or are once-worn.”

Bird Species Attempts Direct Symbolic Communication with Mankind

In breathtaking displays of highly advanced levels of symbolic communication, starlings have been recorded attempting to communicate with mankind. What the messages mean exactly remains unclear but experts believe the birds are expressing some kind of discontent. Twitchers now lay in wait for the next symbol to be communicated by the birds.

A flock of starlings

The Starlings Communicate

A Collection of Open Source Fonts

I just saw this lovely link to a bunch of open-source fonts at the League of Moveable Type on Bedrich’s blog.


Very useful blog about freelance blogs

Steve Webster aka @dcypher_ just tweeted a really useful and interesting link to 15 blogs every freelancer should read.

Grant Skinner’s UX blog on INSPIRE

Grant Skinner has started his week long blog of articles on UX for Adobe’s very cool INSPIRE site:-

AS3 Creative point of view

Just read some interesting blogs by Maxim Zaks regarding some unusual AS3 syntax. I have never seen this usage of commenting in XML using E4X or the anonymous functions available in trace statements. Not sure if I’ll ever use it but interesting none the less.

Interesting iPhone blog

iPhone Development – Application Development for the iPhone using Apple’s official SDK is written by Jeff LaMarche and contains numerous insightful, useful and interesting blog posts. Definitely worth a read.


Inspire, a publication from the Adobe Experience Design team, is a site I have only just become aware of. It seems full of fascinating articles, videos and blogs from 90 industry-leading experts who share a common interest in how to better deliver interactive content. I believe Grant Skinner is going to be guest-blogging there soon.

Very useful PureMVC framework example

My good friend Nick Forsberg pointed me in the direction of this very useful blogpost. All kinds of other interesting posts to be found there too 🙂