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Three Good Reads – HTML5, Flash and Apps….

Here are three articles that I read in the last week or so that were really interesting:-

HTML5 vs Flash – at a Flash conference – Good to see the usual sensationalism of the HTML5 vs Flash argument dissipating into a more intelligent discussion about using the right tools for the right job –

Web Multimedia – 6 reasons why Flash isn’t going away – A refreshing read for Flash devs, many valid points made –

iPhone apps: British designers on the key to creating a hit – Some excellent insight and interviews from British App makers in this Guardian article –


Export shapes from Flash to Obj-C classes

I just saw an interesting retweet from Aral Balkan about as3swf. It’s an AIR app that can load up a swf and then spit out useable Objective-C UIView subclasses for use in iPhone development. Very nice.


Grant Skinner on the Future of Flash

Grant Skinner is one of my favourite Flash devs. His work, presentations and contributions to the Flash community are absolutely amazing. I have been looking forward to hearing his thoughts on the fascinating subject of the future of Flash. Unsuprisingly he gives a very intelligent, mature, balanced and thoughtful perspective. Enjoy.

Interesting iPhone blog

iPhone Development – Application Development for the iPhone using Apple’s official SDK is written by Jeff LaMarche and contains numerous insightful, useful and interesting blog posts. Definitely worth a read.