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Grant Skinner’s UX blog on INSPIRE

Grant Skinner has started his week long blog of articles on UX for Adobe’s very cool INSPIRE site:-


Open source UML AS3 Generator

I am using an AS3 framework at the moment which allows you to create custom Value Objects. A colleague here pointed me in the direction of a UML generator that can take all the pain out of writing VO classes with multiple getters and setters. All you do is generate your uml page with the classes, variables and methods you want, press generate and then BOOM – it spits out all the stub code for you. I found a good blog post about how to set this up on, link follows:-

AS3 Creative point of view

Just read some interesting blogs by Maxim Zaks regarding some unusual AS3 syntax. I have never seen this usage of commenting in XML using E4X or the anonymous functions available in trace statements. Not sure if I’ll ever use it but interesting none the less.

Interesting iPhone blog

iPhone Development – Application Development for the iPhone using Apple’s official SDK is written by Jeff LaMarche and contains numerous insightful, useful and interesting blog posts. Definitely worth a read.

Order of Operations in ActionScript tutorial

Grant Skinner just twittered a very interesting and useful link to a tutorial on Senocular entitled ‘Order of Operations in ActionScript’.